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My Chemical Romance Themes
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Welcome to mychemthemes, a themed My Chemical Romance-pictures community. Just find a theme, and start posting!

01 Please check the memories before posting a new entry.
02 Do not hotlink other people's pictures.
03 Please post the actual images in your post, not the link.
04 If your picture is very large, please resize it.
05 Put all pictures behind a lj-cut.
06 Absolutely no posting of icons or graphics. There are plenty of communities for that.
07 Promoting of communities must be done behind a cut and must be related to My Chemical Romance.
08 We all love MCR here. Fuck off if you don't.
09 NEW RULE No agency pictures. Read about it here in full_size_mcr. I myself don't always know if a picture is agency, so please tell if you know.

Your theme can be anything. For example Frank Iero in a suit, Gerard's black and blonde hair-era, VMA's, teeth, piercings/tattooes. :D

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